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Development of web, mobile, desktop and embedded applications

We love what we do


Unique ideas

We come up with unique ideas, which are needed exactly for you and your business and implement them.

Perfect realisation

High quality code allows to succesfully maintain and refine existing projects.

Modern design

We develop design according to modern trends and cooperate with best designer studios of Latvia.

Any complexity

Solving tasks of any difficulty, from small websites to gaming portals with implementation of virtual2real technology with using embedded devices.

We love to work on complex and original projects. But work on easy projects is done fast and with good quality as well.
Because when your bisness is growing you might decide to update your webpage or create an application. You will appreciate the quality of our work and will know for sure whom to contact next time.

For your project implementation we choose the best possible technological solutions and select the needed tools based on the tasks but not due to limited knowledge. If solving your tasks requires some unique technology and knowledge, we are still able to provide you this solution.

Python 100%

PHP 92%

Ruby 87%

Java 90%

C 93%

Applications as a business strategy

What we do


Our main activities

Web development

Development of web pages of any difficulty – that's what we started from and are still enjoy doing today. We will help implement your ideas or even come up with idea on your behalf.

Mobile applications

Development of games and mobile applications is a separate, large yet still evolving branch of IT in which we are actively taking part by developing and maintaining your applications.


Dažāda programmatūra noliktavas, klientu un jebkuru citu ierakstu uzskaitei. Dažādas statistikas atskaites un vienkārša lietošana.

Search Engine Optimization

Web page optimization for search systems. We already take into consideration all possible optimizations while developing our web pages but it is also possible to improve their appearance in search results.

Desktop applications

Software that can be run without internet or with low connection speeds, requesting only the necessary data over web connection.

Electronic devices

Automatically close shades in bright sun light? Notify about water levels or room temperatures over the internet? All of this and even more can be achieved by using electronic devices in your "smart home" that have been developed by us.

Virtuality integration into reality

Connection of the virtual and real world. For example, web page or application may contain device controls, by which comands it executes operations in real world.

Server tasks

Not only hosting, virtual server setup and administration, but also script and deamon development for execution of different tasks

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